For the ones that count

We specialize in the chemical management of lawns and shrubs.  The quality of service we provide in the residential and commercial markets has produced relationships with landscape companies, builders, and real estate agents. Our business has grown through referrals from satisfied clients.

The quality of your service depends on the technician’s experience within the field, turf management, and industry.  Our senior technician is Philip Mathews.  He has received numerous awards over his twenty-four years of service to include top technician in the nation and Birmingham. Philip is well known for his field management and customer relations in our industry.  The Lawn Guard team consists of 4 members of the Mathews family and 2 life-long friends.  Our team has over 50 years of experience within our industry.

Our small size allows us to cater services to each client.

What makes chemical services successful are the experience of the techs, consistency of the same tech, use of blended products, amount of active ingredient applied and for the company to explain the following facts within our industry:


Weeds are controlled not eradicated. Lawn conditions are affected by environmental conditions (i.e.: Slopes, poor drainage, shade, excessive water, drought, heat, and freezing temperatures)

Weeds germinate winter, spring, summer, and fall

Insects and Pest (i.e.: grubs, army worms, spittle bugs, moles, armadillos) are not preventable but controllable. These pest cause damage by slicing of roots, thinning, discoloring, or tearing of turf.

Applications are applied 9 times to re-enforce the barrier and strengthen the lawn


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